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The snow, though not of blizzard intensity, was falling steadily, and my head and shoulders were soon whiter than we used to see on the Head & Shoulders shampoo commercials Hollywood . I willingly accepted her invitation, and we left the bar, saying good night to the bar tender and the young waitress who had been serving us our drinks.

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. She knew at last that she would fulfill the vows she had taken twenty-one years ago in this very town on a dark October night as a member of the Tri-Delta Sorority. Maggie felt as if she might faint, but just then, Abigail had opened her own blouse and freed her big tits, sticking their beautful lusciousness in Maggie’s face and commanded, “suck ‘em bitch!” Maggie looked at her daughter---who returned her look and then watched intently as her mother began to slather her spittle all over the huge tits and sucking the rock-hard nipples as if she were a little baby